Tenuta De Gregorio

Born from a passion for wine and for Irpinia.

The Estate

Tenuta De Gregorio is a new
winemaking company born out
of a passion for wine, with the aim
of introducing and promoting the Irpinia
territory, showcasing its Aglianico both
nationally and internationally.

Red Wines

Tenuta De Gregorio presents extraordinary red wines from Irpinia: authentic oenological masterpieces with intense and sophisticated character. An unforgettable tasting experience for wine enthusiasts.

White Wines

Irpinia’s white wines from Tenuta De Gregorio: a delight for the senses. Fresh taste, intense aromas, and a touch of elegance in every sip. An extraordinary oenological experience.

DOC Irpinia Rosé

The chromatic aspect transitions luminously from delicate pink hues to richer tones. As it swirls in the glass, the impact on the nose is enveloping and captivating, with fresh fruit ranging from cherry to wild strawberry, wrapped in a cloak of medicinal herbs. The palate experiences a decisive and consistent impression, echoing the olfactory notes, with pleasant freshness and a well-extended finish that entices you to the next sip.

Company and Territory

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